Many of our merchants have asked, and we've listened! Starting today you can now not only sort Shopify collections by Metrics Sets, but also have Dynasort managed which products are assigned to a collection.

All sorts of advanced attributes that are not available in Shopify are available in Dynasort, you can even select to sort the collection automatically by a Metrics Set as well.

Here's just a few of the conditions you may assign values for in the new Dynasort Managed Collections:

  • Product Tags are not present
  • Has Image
  • Metafield Values
  • Product Option Names
  • Product Option Values
  • Requires Shipping
  • Variant/Product Age
  • Sales (7, 30, 60 days)
  • Revenue (7, 30, 60 days)
  • Cost
  • Margin
  • SKU
  • Sold Out
  • On Sale
  • Ratings
  • Review Counts
  • Dynasort Boost Value

We'll be adding several more in the future, if you don't see what you're looking for please hit the chat button and ask!

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